Saturday, January 5, 2008

Just call me Martha!!

I was feeling very Domestic today ..... I have been avoiding laundry and cleaning and such for a few days now. I had been house-sitting for 4 weeks for basically all of December and believe it or not even though I was not home, things were quite the disaster. So me being all Martha Stewart like today ... I did laundry, cleaned the kitchen, and cooked and baked!!! I made chocolate chip banana cake, carrot muffins (both are low fat too!!!) and made a delish dinner of Swedish meatballs, with mini red potato's, green beans and a Swedish cream sauce. It was a wonderful afternoon I must say!!!! ..... now to clean the scrap area so I can create something to share here - and complete my growing *to do* list!!! Thanks for stopping by :]


corinnesomerville said...

I'll be right over !!! hehehehe
I JUST finished saying to Brooke and Mackenzie that tomorrow is all about school and laundry !!!

Good girl for getting stuff done !!!