Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaack & Big Summer Win Contest

Well hello world!! I'm back from my little holiday. It was a very busy 5 days and a long drive ... but well worth it!! Stacey & Mike's wedding was BEAUTIFUL!!! It was very rainy but the weather cleared up for a couple hours to let us get some beautiful pictures and for the beautiful ceremony. Everyone looked stunning (especially the bride). I will post some pictures soon though!! LOL can you believe I didn't even get one photo with my camera LOL ... I guess that's what happens when your in the wedding party!! As soon as the photographer updates the site with photos I'll share .... and as soon as I get a few emails with other pictures that were taken, I'll share those in a very photo-heavy post!! (everyone loves those kind of posts anyways) LOL.

On another note I've stumbled across a new EXCELLENT sketch blog .... by stumbled I mean have been directed by various links LOL. But honestly ... you need to check these ladies out!!! Their sketches are really really good!!! And if you follow the links to their individual blogs .... their work is pretty darn good too!!! You can check out the 2sketches4you blog here or on the right hand side of my blog under links. I promise it's worth it ;)

While I was away the June Sheetload Ezine was released ... if you haven't seen it yet click here to subscribe/download. Also Alicia has a little contest going on where you can recommend someone to be a guest artist or you can get others to recommend you if you want to be a guest. Check out the blog for all the details on that.

The last thing for today is ..... the BIG SUMMER WIN CONTEST happening at Lil Scrappers. This was the top secret thing I was suggesting you check out while I was away - since thats when it was going to be announced. Well I've copied all the information below for your viewing pleasure LOL. Be sure to check this contest out - it will ROCK your world!!!

I’m soooo excited to announce that we have an awesome summer scrapping contest happening at Lil’ Scrappers right now!! I invite you all to join us and come join the fun!!! We have a couple fabulous prizes up for grabs, and you don’t want to miss them!

Attention ALL scrappers, card-makers, and alterers!!! Have any BIG plans this summer?? Any BIG scrapping plans that is!?!? No?!?! Well then we’d like to help fill in your scrapping calendar!!!! We have a BIG summer WIN contest planned out, coming soon to the BEST scrapping forum near you!!

We have to warn you… this is not your typical, ‘run of the mill’ scrapping contest where the “best” scrapper wins.. this is based on personal growth, and being unique and funky!!! This contest is all about YOU!!! So whether you’ve been scrapping for 10 yrs, or 10 days, this is the contest for ***YOU***!!!!

We want you to push yourself to the limits.. bring out your innermost creativity, and try things you’ve never tried before!!! Think out of the box, and wow us with your creativity and talents!!!!! We have an *AMAZING* prize for the winner, so your hard work will NOT go unnoticed ladies!!! You know what?? For good measure, we’re going to throw in an awesome 2nd prize too!!!

We’re going to have amazing challenges for you, and we KNOW you’re up to the challenge!!!! Get ready.. we’re going to knock your socks off!! Or should I say.. get ready to knock our socks off!!!!
After you register at Lil’ Scrappers, you can read the rest of the contest rules & details, and of course about the fabulous prizes here:

I hope to see you there!!!

Entry Submission Dates & Deadline

*Entry Submissions will be accepted from May 29 to Midnight June 12th. Absolutely NO late submissions will be accepted.
If you are interested in participating in this summer long contest then please Submit 3 items (minimum of 1 layout) representing your BEST work. Entry items may be pre-existing creations & can include altered items, cards etc..

Upload your 3 submission entries into the gallery section labeled “BIG SUMMER WIN CONTEST”. Be sure to provide any additional information that you feel we should know about your submitted entries.

All entrants will need to post a brief “Artist” introduction into the “BIG SUMMER WIN” contest section of the Lil Scrappers forum.