Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Canada!!!

Well its July 1st and that means its Canada Day north of the boarder!! So happy Canada day to all my Canadian friends!!! I have a few things to share today!!! First of all you still have a chance to win my Shortcuts blog candy but commenting in the post below with my reveal!!!

Ok onto bigger and better things ..... Most of you likely know about the Papercrafts Gallery Idol contest that is running .... well its in its 2nd year now .... and there were tons of *beautiful* cards created and posted in the gallery. Well I would like to toot a little horn of a moment .... of those 800+ wonderful cards that were created ..... they picked only 20 to move onto the next round .... well my dear kind wonderful best friend CARLA is in the top 20!!!!!!! How wonderful is that!!! I'm sooooo excited and proud of her!! Her work is just stunning and so inspiring and just looking at her stuff makes me want to be a better card maker ... well as good as her ... not sure anyone is better ;) Go have a look at Carla's blog and give her a pat on the back!!! You won't regret going!! I swear!!!

Ok today was reveal day at Lil Scrappers!!! This months kit is GORGEOUS Heidi Swapp Carefree paper and its just jam packed!!!! I keep thinking Heidi what took you so long to create paper!!!!! LOL. Aimee and Carla did an *outstanding* job on the kit!!! You can see their work by following the links to their blogs. Here is some eye candy of the kit!!! YUM!!!!

Today is also reveal day for the July Sheetload of Cards Ezine. This is a wonderful issue!! Another wonderful scrapper friend Heidi is in this issue. She was the lovely guest artist this month too!! Everyone created such wonderful stuff this month!!! You can get the information for downloading the ezine and subscribing here.

One more thing .... My darling Aunt Kim *teeheehee* I think she must roll her eyes every time I introduce her as my Aunt LOL ;) had her first DT reveal today. You can hop over to her blog here and have a look at the *wonderful* stuff she created this month!! So proud of her too ... she did such an amazing job!!!
I think that's all I have for you today .... Its kind of a long post *blush* I'm working tonight until 10pm then rushing to catch fireworks. I'm going to attempt to capture some good shots LOL. I'll be back tomorrow with some eye candy of my all attempts LOL. Thanks for stopping by!!! :]


Anonymous said...

Awww.. thank-you, Michy!!! :) You almost have me blushing.. ;) ROTFL!! You rock too my dear!!