Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Wonderful Wednesday

Hey everyone ... today has been a wonderful day!! It was a perfect hot summer day!! I spent most of the morning out in the sun, played some badminton with a friend (I'm too competitive and hate losing, so naturally I was grump when I didnt play well LOL). Then off I went to phase two of the interview. I got the call yesterday (about an hour after my interview) and went today to do the hands on computer part. I think it went well, I think I did the stuff right, and they seem to like me. So hopefully they like me enough to hire me!! I'll keep you all posted, hopefully I will get some good news the end of this week! I hope you are all keeping cool in this heat!!! Thanks for stopping by!!


Wendy said...

I am SO glad to hear that your interview went well. And it's an excellent sign that you were called back for testing--it means you're that much closer. I hope they call you soon!!!