Monday, December 17, 2007

Baby it's Cold Outside!!

You got that right!!! Southwestern Ontario got hit *hard* by a massive snow storm yesterday. There was so much snow I was snowed in!! The streets didn't get plowed until the middle of the night and the white stuff is still coming down!!! The storm watch has lifted and just snow squalls now .... but that means 10-15 cm more and blowing snow. YUCK!!! So I wish I had my camera with me .... I'll take a picture of the snow (for your view pleasure Kim if you check in from Jamaica!!!!! hahaha). After the plow went around the snow was almost up to my butt at the end of the drive way .... I just shovelled a little path to get my car out LOL its looks really funny!! I'll take some pics and post tomorrow!

I have a little bit of news to share too!!! If you click here or click on the blinkie on the right hand side of my blog, you will see my name on the left hand side under artists!!! That's right I'm the newest *Sketch Artist* for Sheet Load of Cards!! Its pretty exciting!!! Be sure to check out the blog, Alecia is super awesome and is offering a prize if you help promote her blog. Check it out!!


corinnesomerville said...

Congrats Kiddo !!!!!! You rock !!!

Love ya lots

Kim said...

Hey Mich! How's everything now? I hope you shovelled the driveway! Sucks to be in Canada right now, eh? Havin' an IRIE time in Jamaica, mon! :)