Sunday, August 19, 2007

Rainy Sunday and Nice Matters

Hey everyone, its another rainy, gloomy, cool day here. This weather starts to scare me, when we go from super hot, to almost winter cold (well maybe not that cold, but you know what I mean LOL). Its been a very busy week for me, working some long days, so the scrap time has been minimal. But keep your eyes peeled for September 1st ... there will be something very exciting on my blog!!! ( the countdown is on!!!) I went to a Stag n Doe last night, not too many people, but was a good time, the bride and groom are truly nice people! So my dear friend Carla has nominated me for an award again. The Nice Matters Award. I felt so honoured when I noticed this on her blog today!! I have to now nominate 5 people (now that I'm thinking, I still have to nominate 5 people for ther rocking girl blogger award!! LOL). I'll have to get on it, thanks for stopping by, and don't forget to leave me a comment if you come by!! Have a great day everyone!!


~Carla~ said...

Winter cold!?! Bahahaha!! ;) It is quite the difference though isn't it?? But it does beat the 40c+ weather he had for most of the summer.. so i'll take it! ;)