Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Sad Superbowl and Weekly Catch-Up*

Hey!! I bet you thought I had left you all hahahaha ..... I haven't - just been super busy with work and life lately!! SO I'll do a bigger post to play catch-up!!! Not sure how many football fans there are out there ... but I am .... and this is the reason why I watch .....

Yes I am a Tom Brady fan!!! Can you blame me .... look at how nice he is on the eyes!!! LOL. Unfortunatly NE Pats didn't win .... they finished the season with an 18-1 record (don't get me wrong the NY Giants played awesome and Eli was GREAT!!!) But I think NE will come back and take it all next year!!! My fingers are crossed!!!!! :]

So you will notice some things changing a bit on my blog .... nothing too scary just changing some links and that around because I've moved ...... not houses but sites to hang out. Check us out here its and awesome store and message board!!! Everyone is super nice and we would love to have you come chat with us!!! I have been scrapping ... not as much as I'd like .... but I will have some pictures to post hopefully in the next day or so, and I have some news to share .... soon!! :] Thanks for stopping by!!


~Carla~ www.moralia.wordpress.com said...

Awww... nice pic though.. he's hot! :P Yum! lol!!

Now.. where's that new card sketch.. hmmm... ;)