Friday, April 11, 2008

Kits Kits Kits!!!

Ok ladies ... yesterday was the Mini Kit Reveal day at Lil Scrappers!! This kit is loaded with Making Memory Garden Party Goodness!!!!! Be sure to check out the site to pre-order yours and to look at the gorgeous work Carla and Aimee created!!!! And ....... TOMORROW is the Sneak Peek day for the FIRST EVER LIL SCRAPPERS CARD KIT!!!! Be sure to check back tomorrow for my sneak peek picture .... this kit is going to knock your socks off!!!! Ok no back to reality .... Enjoy this very wet, rainy Friday! :]


Heidi said...

Hey girl! Looks like I will have to stop by and check out your debut eh??

Heidi said...

Here I thought I was screwing up and in reality all my posts are awaiting approval... LOL, no wonder I can't see them ;)